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   INDOECOSURF can accommodated up to 3 groups of 5 surfers

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About Us

Rod Steeles is the man behind Indoecosurf.Rod grew up surfing the consistently powerful waves around the Lennox Head-Ballina region on the Far North Coast of New South Wales , Australia.

The former President of one of Australia's most respected boardriders clubs - Le-Ba ( Lennox Ballina Boardriders ) - Rod has proven his competitive surfing credentials over the years securing many amateur titles.

He is respected not only in Australia but internationally as a brilliant surfer who loves nothing better than stylishly charging heaving reefbreak barrels.

From ASL issue 252 -

" Rod Steeles has been coming to Indonesia since the mid 80's, hiring dive boats to trek to spots like Desert Point and G-Land with his mates. As the waves got more crowded he started hitting the Mentawais and Telo Islands. As the Mentawais turned into a circus he moved again and in his travels stumbled across this quiet malaria-free , wave -rich region and decided to put down some roots."

With Rods help you will experience amazing waves and some of the nicest people in Indonesia.

Some of our staff -

Shailla our Promotions Manager

Miss Winn our Head Chef

Mas Aris our Transport Manager / Boat driver
Fitri our Adventure Guide / Masseuse



 Testimonials -

July 2011

Return to the Wave Palace

The trade-winds had started to blow, clearing the rain clouds and marking the start of the dry across the Indonesian archipelago. Though early in the season, storms were already brewing far over the horizon in the Oceans lower latitudes, their distant fury tempered to ruler lines by the Indian Oceans vast expanse.

We had been watching from afar, scanning the internet models for the tell tale bands or red and orange that translated to azure swell-lines stacked to the horizon and fanned by the trades. The first such blobs of the 2011 season promised a solid six-to-eight foot southwest swell with light trades in Java. Phone calls were made, bags packed and I flew out to Bali to meet my brother Stephen and photographer, Bradley Masters.

We arrived late at night and caught the first flight to Java early the next morning. Our driver Mas Aris was there to meet us. In another life Mas Aris must have been a race car driver. He was weaving in and out of traffic like he was trying to beat his personal best time. It was a white-knuckled ride, but he turned a three hour drive into a two hour dash.

When we arrived at the ISTANAOMBAK resort a pleasant surprise awaited us‚ creature comforts. My last visit four years ago had been a different affair, and after doing time in a tent with no running water, toilets or power, the comfortable rooms, toilets, friendly staff and running hot showers were a welcome relief from the lush Javanese jungle that surrounds the resort, right down to the water's edge.

The resort owner, Rod Steele, brought me here on that first trip. Since then he's been working to build the only resort in the area, employing local labour and helping the community to grow with a percentage of his profits going to the families of this small village. This has made for a really safe resort, supportive and happy community.

Rod has named the resort "ISTANAOMBAK" which means 'wave palace'.
It's fitting. When i was a little kid I would draw bays identical to this one; a perfect right at one end and a perfect left on the other with a small channel in-between. It's a salubrious setup for any surfer.

We went for a swell, and a big one at that. It never got under four foot and on the biggest day there were the odd ten-foot bombs pushing through. There were never more then four people out at once and most of the time it was just my brother Stephen and me trading waves. Sometimes with Stephen on the right and me on the left, both of us would get spat out into the channel on the same wave. All time.

Indonesia is getting crowded these days. It's hard to find empty lineups. This was Rod's motivation for establishing Indoecosurf's small-capacity resort far from Bali's crowds. Oh, and as it picks up more swell than many more poplular spots, you are pretty much guaranteed to score waves in one of Indonesia's most scenic locations.

Anthony Walsh

April 2011

I'd just like to say a sincere thank you for my recent trip to your fantastic new eco surf resort at Istanaombak!
It was an amazing experience in Java from pick up to drop off at Jogjakarta Airport and I can honestly say there wasn't one facet of the trip I didn't enjoy! The surf set up has so much potential and what really impressed me was the variety and options no matter the wind and swell direction within a short trip by either one of your boats or courtesy of your driver (on hand at all times) with of course the jewels in the crown no doubt the quality left & right hand waves straight in front of your resort.

I know you were putting on the finishing touches to the accommodation when I was there but the bungalows were already so nice and it was a luxury to have hot showers and ensuite bathrooms. Special mention must also go to your friendly staff not only were they helpful and reliable but the food was delicious especially the lobster, mud crab & sushumi (which seemed to be on tap) in that unique indo style with everything fresh & straight from the sea.

I thought the weather was ideal with that cooling breeze (it seemed less humid than Bali) and I personally didn't see a mozzie. The water temp must have been 25 or 26c and just in front was great for swimming and snorkelling when you just want a quick cool off. Not forgetting the 'sunset tour' in your boat with a bit of fishing and sight seeing along that part of the spectacular Javanese coastline.

You must be really proud of the way you are developing your resort while doing it in a way that is sensitive to the environment, and helping the local people and their economy at the same time. You could see how the locals were always pleased to see us all and there was a genuine respect for you and what you are putting back into their community.

Rod you’re a great host mate and special mention must be made that even under great 'demand' the beer was always icy cold and never ran out. I look forward to my next stay and hopefully will be able to bring the family, as I reckon they will love it!

Wishing you every success with your venture.

Greg Spray
RNLI Divisional Lifeguard Manager - Cornwall

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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Travel insurance is compulsory

Including medi-vac (emergency evacuation) and compensation due to the unforeseen events or emergencies. A copy of your Travel Insurance Policy must be forwarded with final payment

All bookings must be made though at Indoecosurf.

Bookings are held for 72 hours

All deposits non-refundable.

Balance of payment due 60 days prior to departure.

All monies to be paid in AUD or USD.

All monies paid are non-refundable, but may be transferred under certain conditions.

Confirmation of bookings and deposits will be sent via email once monies have arrived in Indoecosurf's bank account.

All prices quoted are for Indoecosurf trips only and do not include any international or domestic airfares.

On location accounts

Due to our remote location we are unable to provide credit card facilities.

All island expenses to be settled in Indonesian rp prior to departure from the resort

Our own trusted staff can assist you with ATM locations providing your transfer time allows