The Trip

THE Package ( 5 – 6 Surfers )

1. Transfers to/from airport x 2

2. Accomodation 10 days / 9 nights

3. 3 x meals drinks snacks available at restaurant + chilled glasses

4. 8 seater wagon

5. English speaking driver

6. Surf guide

The trip starts in JogjaKarta , Java

At the airport you will be transferred to our base ( 3 Hours ) by an accredited transport company.

Arrive at your beachfront accommodation where you can surf either the left or right reefbreak at opposite ends of the beach depending on swell size and tide.

Check out other available surf locations with the advice of your personal guide. You basically organize yourself at times that suit you ,your guide will organize food and water on trips away from the resort.

The restaurant is open from 6.00 am – 10 pm so you can order your meals at anytime to fit in with your surf sessions. Western food can be organized from the restaurant if needed but we encourage you to try the local cuisine as it is very tasty and prepared hygienically.

At Indo Eco Surf you hang out with the locals, if you want nightclubs then stay in Bali. We have a fully stocked bar so you can make your own fun and just chill out with ya mates.

This area has an incredible variety of waves. From beachbreaks to points to rivermouths to reefbreaks of all kinds from soft to heavy. You couldn’t ask for much more.